United Societies over Straits is a Lebanese non-sectarian NGO, was granted permission no# 1392 to practice its activities by the Lebanese Ministry of Interior and Municipalities in 2019.



The organization serves precisely woman protection, support, equality, teaching, and empowerment… for a better family and society…

And by preparing the mother to lead, we help her serve child legitimate rights, protection, and prevention from violence, exploitation, and poverty.

As well, the organization generally serves humanitarian, social, and environmental issues in the MENA region as part of our responsibility. Our aim is to achieve sustainable development, promote communities, and raise awareness.


United Societies over Straits… USoS, is a nonprofit association, was granted the permission no# 1392 to practice its activities by the Lebanese Ministry Of Interior and Municipalities in 2019. But, it had been practicing its humanitarian and social activities several years before being working independently.

USoS has been established by a group of beneficent individuals, who had common attitudes and beliefs towards well known humanitarian, social and environmental issues within the MENA region.

And up above the mentioned issues, lies the unfairness in social traditions and law regulations concerning woman rights, and the violence against her in particular, which has been a big concern for a long.

More top crucial concerning matters such as children’s exploitation and education, social development, and environmental issues along with other significant issues, altogether had formed the motivation factors for starting this project.

There arose the idea of establishing an -easy to reach- association (usos.org) which can achieve fairness, survival, protection, sustainability, social development, prosperity, and a do-good spirit spread in society, in order to reach and develop the core of society, which is the family, and therefore educating the woman who is the pillar of that family in most households.


To be the most influential organization in preserving women’s rights and achieving her equality, and a pioneer in woman empowerment in Lebanon and around the world.



As mother was a potential role for women, she was considered to be the school of values and ethics.

Since our mission was based on an educational and teaching strategy to prepare the mother for playing her vital role in bringing up that generation which carries all the principles and fair values that every nation needs, thus we aim to achieve the following goals:

Firstly, educate women and acknowledge them of their rights and obligations, support, and empower them at all levels, until equality is served.

Secondly, having those mothers prepared, they will be able to raise a generation that carries these values and ideology, and inherits them all the way to the generations to come, in order to pervade equality and justice in society, with everyone obtaining their legitimate rights.

Thirdly, not only will equality be served, the mother will be prepared for the child’s care, education, and protection. She will teach her children the good relationships, organizing, volunteering, preserving the environment, safety, health, and nutrition that we have taught her.

Thus, by preparing the mother, we do create a strong, healthy, and safe society built and protected by all its components equally.



 Women’s empowerment is a major factor in achieving equality. To empower women, we need knowledge and awareness. As well, men will be a part of our activities as an influencing component to achieve our objectives in women’s support and protecting them from gender-based violence.

Thus, when a woman is empowered by knowledge and skills, besides the support of her society, then she can play her role so efficiently in society side by side to the man and therefore regain all her rights in sharing him build the nation.

Our objectives are

Holding awareness sessions repeatedly throughout the year, to which we invite young women and mothers, to spread knowledge about the importance of women’s role in their society, as well as inviting men to separate sessions to make them aware of the need to support women and change the traditional look towards them, in order to enable them to be productive and supportive.

Holding life skills workshops regularly and continuously throughout the year to provide women with knowledge, skills, and competence in various fields… such as the beauty industry, hospitality, management, technology, cooking, nutrition, etc.

Implementing vital development projects that contribute to securing employment opportunities for women with feminist managements to be support centers that contribute to the economic development of the state, and a nucleus for the graduation of experienced female specialists who are able to enter the labor market firmly and confidently to reserve advanced places for themselves in the process of development … Financing of these projects are planned to be obtained by local and international funders.

The ultimate goal of the institution is based on the most important elements of society, which is motherhood as a basis for building any society. Motherhood includes childcare and protection, safety, education, environmental preservation, organizing, sacrifice, relationships, management and all aspects of life emerge from them. By preparing the mother properly, we prepare a well-structured society.

Hence, the general objectives of the Foundation are as follows

1.     Spreading solidarity spirit in societies.

2.     Achieving empowerment and lawful statutory situation for women.

3.     Child protection from exploitation and violence.

4.     Providing social and psychological support to victims of violence and war.

5.     Looking after less fortunate families.

6.     Caring for orphans.

7.     Caring for individuals with special needs and elderly individuals.

8.     Spreading social awareness through seminars and purposeful activities

9.     Preserving the environment through seminars and practical activities.


Attitude  ;               Each and every needy person is of our concern.

Responsibility;     Supporting the vulnerable is an obligation.

Fairness;                By spreading our hands to everyone without any gender, color, culture or ethnic discrimination… that is fairness.

Efficiency;             To donate is not our mere aim. It is the effect and result.. it is the change and difference we make.

Empowerment;     To help the hopeless keep moving, and implant love, power, and trust.

Inspiring;               We aim at inspiring others by working hard with transparency to achieve credibility.