World Cleanup Day

Paying You Back We are witnessing today 21st of September 2019 many activities across the nations. People are coming out, putting their hands together to do something may result in saving some breaths of our ill planet. Today is the World Cleanup Day. We at USoS have chosen this particular day to do something potentially […]


Women Empowerment

Fri, Sep 13, 2019 Under women empowerment projects, life skills activities are having place nowadays on our on-going activities list. A live hairdressing workshop (at a saloon) is on-going now, in coordination with a volunteer hairdresser ( trainer) and owner of the saloon, we are conducting the workshop for 15 young ladies to train them on […]



United Societies over Straits would like to thank all the official authorities, organizations and individuals who contributed to the successful launch of this humanitarian project with all kind of support. We welcome every institution and individuals who wish to join our journey, whether in partnership or volunteering, in order to benefit and sustain society. All […]

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