General Rules

  • Know and understand the general rules of the non-profit organizations work, and train all staff and volunteers on how to apply them accurately.
  • Implement and adhere to them by the administration, employees, and volunteers within the institution and in the workplace.
  • Reflect the best image of the organization in every workplace, in a manner of implementation, ethics and work results.
  • Know and comply with the rules of safety and security, train all staff and volunteers on them within the institution and in the workplace.
  • Raise awareness periodically through educational and training sessions within the institution, for all who work within.
  • Preserve environment in all activities and places of performance.
  • Perform periodic evaluation of performance for staff and volunteers, to ensure they comply with our rules accurately and maintain the required high level of performance.

Responsibility and Role

  • Preserve all assets of the organization because we work for the good of others … and therefore all assets are public property.
  • Maintain the honorable image of non-profit organizations through performance.
  • Preserve the environment within our organization and in all the places where we work… and call for its preservation.
  • Work on building a sound society based on solidarity and equality, and achieve ways of sustainable development of the individual and society.

Partnership and Cooperation

Encourage the principle of partnership with other humanitarian organizations and institutions for the benefit of society beyond any racial, religious, political or cultural discrimination.

Human Rights

  • Preserve human rights, either for the employees or the persons we deal with.
  • Adopt the principle of equal treatment without any ethnic, religious, political or cultural discrimination.
  • Understand that the services we provide to the beneficiaries are of their rights… and thus maintain their dignity and respect their need.
  • Respect the religious and moral values, customs and traditions of the individuals or groups we deal with or deliver services to.
  • Respect and preserve the family spirit of communities as a base for building a healthy society.


  • Maintain transparency and clarity in our relations with partners and donors, with the government, public, and beneficiaries… without prejudice to the confidentiality of the information of beneficiaries and their privacy, in which ensures their safety and dignity.
  • Maintain periodically the publication of our financial reports to the public accurately and clearly, through our organization’s official website… and share them with our partners and with concerned government authorities… to ensure transparency and maintain the confidence of the public, employees, and beneficiaries.
  • Deal transparently and firmly with any violation of the institution’s regulations whether committed by the administrative apparatus, employees, volunteers, service providers or partners, to stop that violation and fix any harm or damage resulted in.