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There is nothing better than bringing happiness to someone’s  heart, someone in need for food…. a patient in need for medicine, or perhaps, a child who dreams of a happy life just like his pears

USoS association invites you to your happiness …. when you make your own life a revival of the unfortunate, even with a fragment of bread.

You can volunteer with us for social works we perform, or share us a story of yourself or someone you know. Tell us about a needy family or assist fulfill our projects.

Let us leave an imprint behind us to inspire everyone.

If you wish to contribute to this humanitarian action, you will be most welcome, and you can contact us by filling up the following form:


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    10 thoughts on “Share Us Our Mission

    1. I am honestly always happy when I see a platform that emulates humanity. That is bent on giving back and making people happy. Some type of this organisation don’t do what they say they will but this looks like a real one having read this mission statement. I know a philanthropist who would definitely be interested in helping. I will speak to him and email you his email on his permission. Great work!

      1. Thank you John for your transparency… and you are 100% right about some similar charitable organizations… the good is there, as well as the bad… and only what you do proves what you are… I deeply admire you for the nice attitude and the will to help… Appreciated dear


    2. This site is a very great idea, it will not only bring joy and happiness to a lot of people who, but will also touch ans solve a whole lot of problems. Glad to see a website dedicated for these. Making others happy makes life sweet and fun. I will for sure visit this site often. keep up the good work.


    3. Great post to see people with heart to help and empower others.  I will definitely take you up on your offer and send you an email so you can elaborate more on what you do? And how you do it? Your transparency policy and so forth.

      Are you only US based or you are even outside of the US and I live in Italy, do you have offices here so I can reach them from Italy? Great post about humanitarian help.

      1. Thank you Cinderella for being eager to know more about the organization… Our aim is to reach even further than Italy to cover the whole world… but we are still in the beginning, and with the help of people like you, we will reach even further. Now we are operating only in Lebanon… and hopefully, soon we can reach out to other areas.


    4. I’m pleased to know that’s such body’s or organizations are out there to help children who are not privileged like some of their peers. If these kids aren’t looked after, they then to go haywire if associated with the wrong cliques in the society. I would love to offer some assistance as well. 

    5. This is one really wonderful step to helping the oncoming generations that are not opportune to get the best of while growing up just like some other kids. I get to see lots and lots of such kids on a daily basis and sometimes I get really sad because I can’t do enough to help them. I’ll inform other people about this post so as to gain more sponsors or volunteers for this program 

      1. Thank you so much Chloe for the nice comment and the beautiful attitude. People like you are what the societies need. All the best


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