For Beirut

In this painful circumstance, that our beautiful city is witnessing, USoS expresses the deepest condolences to the families of the victims… and prayers for a soon recovery of our wounded.

We hereby announce that we, along with the rest of the associations and organizations, are contributing to the distribution of urgent aid to the affected people in Beirut who have been accommodated in its suburbs and other regions as needed and according to the availability of aids.

And accordingly … We urge all those who are able to contribute to contact us at the tel number stated at the bottom, or by contacting us through this website in the contact box. They also can email us at:  [email protected]

The contribution can be with any of the available food, medical, or money, deposited at the association’s headquarters in the city of Barja, or by contacting us at any of the stated means of contact.

We also invite the affected families who need support to contact us at the same tel number in order to work on delivering aid to them.

USoS Tel / +961 71 497 484

May God Bless all

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