Happy Mother’s Day

As some nations celebrate Mother’s Day today, and most countries are still suffering from the stress of quarantine due to the COVID-19, some aspects of life that many people may not pay attention to or care about have emerged to become a daily routine … We are now getting used to staying at home and we occupied ourselves with things that might be useful or might not.

Mothers of the world have been playing their role alongside their husbands in raising their children from childhood until the first school, adolescence, then university… and each of them takes a rest when the children are at schools or universities to collect her scattered papers… and prepare to meet them in the evening to shake off their dust… then prepare herself for a new round… every day.

This might be to some of us kind of burden and attrition of the mother or the remaining of her… But from another point of view, it is kind of necessity for the mother to restore things back to normal and every warp that happened to children in the midst of their daily adventures outside the home … we can absorb that by seeing her watching the children’s practices during the quarantine which opens a door for investigation by their mother to learn about every wrongdoing was hidden from her, and then reprogram her children again.

And it is not only the mother’s perspective towards her children that matters, but the children’s attitude towards their mother is also such important thing, which looks like an acquaintance opportunity… they were seeing and feeling this angel with that passion since they started staying together every day… as if they find everything they lost outside the house now surrounding them with all love and securing them a spiritual peace found only in her bosom… What is the secret of this magic?

It is the sacred divine bond that no matter how one tries to deny or ignore, it drags him from his nose down to the feet of his mother… it is a link that is not acquired but is a genetic inherent in the bone marrow and deep in the heart… a sensation of passion and love that words cannot describe… but we feel it and see it before our eyes, especially in the days of quarantine, which is as a matter of fact an opportunity that may not be witnessed again from which we acquire the world’s love from our mother.

But we must not forget that she also needs us to return her smile back to her and reprogram our thoughts to conform to her loving passion … and grant her a new life every time we kiss her forehead and feet.

And here we are today celebrating Mother’s Day… so let us do our obligation towards her as she has always been our guardian angel … Not only today but every day.

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