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New Location

As we strive to fulfill our responsibilities towards sisters and brothers included in our concern and support, USoS is in the process of preparing for the move to its new center in Barja within March 2020.

The New center was granted by a beneficent donor and is going to be the headquarter of the association, on the basis of its location, size, and ease of access.

The new firm is located in the center of Barja city and is easily accessible from the main road. This step will have a positive impact on the ability of the organization to hold workshops, awareness seminars, and educational courses more efficiently.

USoS extends its sincere thanks to granter, and to everyone who contributes and will to contribute to the benefit of society and its components.

Warm greetings and appreciation

Fri Jan 10, 2020

Medical Activity

This week, another activity was taking place targetted the less-fortunate patients by distributing different kinds of medicines among them accordingly.

We had the list of the patients and their treatment requirements, so we provided the proper medicine to them.

This activity was performed in coordination with physicians in the region to assure that all patients are getting the proper drugs for them.

Fri Sep 13, 2019

Life Skills Activity

Life skills activities are having place nowadays on our going-on activities list. Live Hairdressing workshop (at a saloon) in

Hairdressing skills session
USoS hairdressing live session
Hairdressing skills session
USoS hairdressing live session

coordination with the hairdresser volunteer and owner of the saloon, we are conducting a workshop for 15 young ladies to train them on hairdressing skills live in a real saloon. That assures and robust the benefit of training, and reduces time spent to obtain experience. The workshop will last for three months.

Sun Sep 6, 2019

Awareness Campaign

In association with Barja Municipality and invitation from the Social Committee in Barja, USoS shared the campaign to raise

USoS contribution in Recycling Awareness Activity

awareness about recycling “Lalfarz Mnemchi” on 8 Sep 2019, with a punch of community members and local residents.

The activity falls within the concerns of USoS, as similar activities had been shared earlier this year.

Invitation for recycling activity
Invitation for recycling activity
USoS contribution in Recycling Awareness Activity – Group photo

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