Protection is one of the very serious and critical issues, because of its sensitive  requirements such as courage to speak out, close hearings, home visits, and investigations.

And above that, the credibility and trust that the agent aught to obtain in order to achieve any positive results in this direction.

There are so many cases that require high degree of accuracy, perseverance and privacy.

Since the affected victims – in particular women and children- need to be protected by society and concerned organizations, USoS will work hard and efficiently to protect woman from violence, marginalization, and injustice of society and laws against her legitimate rights.

The child requires such protection as well, in addition to protection from exploitation, employment and denial of education.

USoS will conduct educational sessions, seminars and events in support of this approach, which is a protection of human rights in general before it is directed at children and women precisely.

For more information about protection department, kindly contact us at : [email protected], and we will be more than happy answering your inquiry.