Women’s Day! Is That Fair?

The absolute answer is a big double NO.

No to mere “women”, and No to “day” word.

Most of the humans’ education limits stop at the fact of women being the symbol of beauty, kindness, and love… ok, and other inaccurate and controversial things.

They might be right as that is a little part of the truth… But, before we judge them, they need to know who the woman is for real… who knows, they may judge themselves… so let them read this.

Well, we know it is not Mother’s Day… it is Women’s Day… no question, but let’s be objective.

No one can deny or ignore the reality, that woman is our mother, where we all came from… our origin and source of life, where the spirit first came into our bodies… where we spent nine months sucking her blood, breathing her oxygen, and stealing her sleep. Moreover, we never come out without causing her a tens of bone fractures like pain.

Is that all? Never!

Another round is yet to start… a parasite creature has just arrived… forgetting all that nine-month nightmare he caused to her. Now, a new different sucking process is yet to start right away in seconds after birth… sucking a new different material of the same poor body… as if that nine-month period of sucking her spirit from inside was not enough… the very welcomed new visitor needs to suck more and more… suck milk… all her time… her attention and her sleep again and again.

Done? Not yet.

wash me mommy… feed me mommy, protect me mommy, teach me, hold me, hug me, carry me, find me, raise me up… give me all of you mommy! all of you! Literally.

How much time do we need to pay off all that dept.?  Maybe, in Women’s day?

Here we are now… adults, full of life and love, passion and wisdom, and we just drop a couple of tears when we remember our moms… and that’s all the payback we do after all.

Shame on us.

Every woman in the world is a potential mother by nature… and would do all that work for sure without any complaint… not only once, but twice and maybe more, again and again… and who else can do that?

The person who carries all that unmeasurable love in her heart cannot be merely a woman.

Since she was the source of life, love, and inspiration, then how could we just call it “women’s day”? Yes, she is not a Goddess, but definitely, God has put in her what makes her dominate above humankind. That is what we just call a woman.

Shame on us.

So after stating what women are capable to do… the job that no one ever can or dare to do, can we just call her a woman, and honor her in one day out of 365 days?

Now, who should be the main stakeholder in all aspects of life?

What role are we giving women since we all know her capabilities?

How do we treat women socially, economically, and educationally?

How do we look at women after all, and we do believe deep inside our brains that woman can move mountains… and alone?

Our attitude… That is the main barrier and obstacle that keeps us way behind where we should be. Women should be honored, not only for what they have been doing but in advance for what they are capable to do… for the success and flourishing life in all aspects, which is yet to come if women will be given their rights to play their role, and help men side by side build the wonderful future, when we all know the value of each other and share the stake equally.

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