World Cleanup Day

Paying You Back

We are witnessing today 21st of September 2019 many activities across the nations. People are coming out, putting their hands together to do something may result in saving some breaths of our ill planet.

Today is the World Cleanup Day. We at USoS have chosen this particular day to do something potentially as important as what those decent people are doing.

Since environment preservation was one of our concerns and targets, we have been working on how to go 100% green from our very first day as a humanitarian organization.

Obviously, the relation between that and today’s activities is quite easy to observe.

How we are Acting

As we are going green, we are reducing precisely the plastic wastes, and harmful emissions as well. And as you see, today’s activities aim to clean up the surrounding areas mainly from the plastic wastes and from other materials that are considered harmful to the environment. So, If we all go green, those Samaritans will strive to find a single littered object, but will feel much happier definitely.

To some individuals who don’t really realize the effect and influence of such activities, and consider it a kind of science fiction or spinning wheels, to them we repeat the conventional wisdom ” the one-thousand-mile journey starts with one step.”

And to those people who are working out there in the heat and dust, clearing up our mess, you deserve our extreme appreciation and respect, and we ought to pay you back.

The first step has been taken in this direction is to stop the use of plastic materials, the disposable ones in particular. We can use the paper, carton or glass materials instead.

We at USoS are not using plastic disposable materials anymore, and we do recycle.

In addition, we – our team members- are converting our personal vehicles power supply into natural gas, which is much cleaner, but that step remains temporary until we get the chance to have electric vehicles fleet for ourselves and for our organization as well, and hopefully for everybody on our planet.

Moreover, at procurement, we are using the fabric bags for our purchase instead of the fatal plastic bags. On the other hand, we are working on distributing a number of fabric and paper bags among region’s supermarkets for free, in order to be used instead of plastic bags.

Why Today?

This significant announcement from USoS Association in this particular day is not to show how good we are, it is merely to inspire others take similar steps towards a world free from harmful wastes, for the good of our children, the coming generations, and all living creatures around the globe.

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